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Posted by jennifer gibson on Friday, January 23, 2015 Under: 2015

We're all eager to make exciting plans as we usher into the New Year, looking forward to new improvements in our lives. Some people want to be more successful in their career, others plan to get married and have kids or want to lose weight and get a fabulous wardrobe. That determination is what propels us forward and helps us achieve our goals, no matter how far fetched they may be.

I have a very long list of goals that I want to achieve, hoping that it would help boost my self confidence. Personally I want to be stronger in every aspect of my life. One of my biggest goals is to become a better fencer in both Foil and Sabre.
Not only is it a challenge of wits, every move and counter move is much like a game of chess, and a physically demanding and exhilarating experience. Now if only I could be as cute as Puss 'n' Boots from Shrek.

If you've ever wanted to be more like Zorro or the adorable Puss 'n' Boots, or even a Jedi, then fencing is definitely the way the go. There is nothing more awesome than having an excuse to wield a cool weapon. Everyone will think you're a hero!

Not sure if you think fencing is for you? Did you know that the first class is FREE at the Peterborough Fencing Club?

So what are you waiting for? Go on and give it a try.  Please let them know that I sent you :)

Contact them today at:



Phone: (705) 775-5095

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