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Posted by jennifer gibson on Friday, February 26, 2016 Under: February 2016

Designer Tommy Hilfiger has finally introduced accessible clothing for children with disabilities. About damn time. Hopefully this will open more eyes in the clothing industry for even more products for people of all ages.

He joined forces with a non-profit organization called Runway of Dreams to produce shirts, pants and dresses that feature magnetic and velcro closures and adjustable sleeves. This is simply a brilliant idea and I know a lot of people who would greatly benefit from wearing them.

I'm absolutely thrilled that they finally devised more appropriate clothing for kids that have physical impairments and can wear the same cool clothes like everyone else at school. It doesn't matter if they have shortened limbs, wear leg braces or use a wheelchair, the shirts and pants can be adapted to suit their needs.

The beauty of this is that these kids can feel less self aware of their physical disabilities and be more independent. Giving them a fair platform when it comes to fashion is a huge boost towards their self esteem and confidence. I sincerely hope that more companies follow suit and be more creative like this in the near future.

Here's more information about the new Tommy Hilfiger clothes for kids with disabilities:

Runway of Dreams:

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