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Posted by jennifer gibson on Tuesday, October 16, 2012
The Book Launch of my debut novel Sway was a spectacular success!  We had over 40 enthusiastic fans attend, sipping wine and nibbling on delicious home made appetizers prepared by my Mom.  Some were so eager to read the book that within minutes of purchasing their own copy, they immediately began to peruse it - wow!  I spent the evening talking to numerous reporters and signing the books, overall it was a blur of non-stop activity from beginning to end. 

In less than a week, I was sold out!  All fifty copies were snapped up so quickly that I had to place another order.  The response from the readers has been amazing.  So many of them have come forward and mentioned that they were bullied as a young child or stated that they didn't realize how isolating it was to have a hearing loss until they read my book.  The amount of impact it's had on so many people is simply astounding and that's a good thing.  It means that I'm reaching out to the readers in a positive and engaging manner. 

Another bit of good news: I got a 5 star review on Amazon! Isn't that incredible?
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Here are the links featuring the articles of the Book Launch and release of my new novel Sway - enjoy! 

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