Another awesome award!

Posted by jennifer gibson on Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sweet! Compass just received an award from Stargazer Literary Prizes - it was selected as a Finalist today! Wow!

It came with such a lovely review too!

Here's the review - enjoy!

Compass is the sequel to Sway, written by Jennifer Gibson. The book follows the life of a girl who is hearing impaired. Life for Jessie is a juggling act, learning to be happy and whole in a world of persistent antagonists and obstacles impeding her path towards a “normal life.” You will find yourself alongside the many unjust actions inflicted on Jessie while your heart glows as she finds true joy in life. The pages are lined with eloquent words that infuse life into the characters. Compass is a book that I would recommend to any teen. Its simplicity is easy to follow and it leaves you feeling better than when you first picked it up. —Savannah H., Stargazer Literary Prizes

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