Posted by jennifer gibson on Tuesday, May 27, 2014

In case you hadn't noticed, my books have been getting numerous awards! Recently Compass received Bronze in the AuthorsdB Book Cover Contest for Young Adult, and Destiny was just announced as the winner for the Indie Book of the Day award! Compass was also selected as a nominee for the InD'tale Magazine RONE Awards this year.

They are now featured on a variety of new sites too such as eBookSoda, Riffle, and 49thShelf.  More coming soon!

Go check them out!




Recently I visited a fabulous school for the Deaf in Belleville (Sir James Whitney).  It was amazing! I did a presentation and writing workshop for them.  I had a great interpreter with me who was able to keep up me and my animated personality.  She really did an incredible job acting out the scenes from my books. 

I loved how much the kids interacted with the teachers.  They were so happy! I soon as I walked in, the atmosphere was so friendly and welcoming.  It felt more like family rather than a school or institution and that is a wonderful thing to see. 

And yes, it really is very much like Hogwarts.  The old school grounds and buildings really do add to the charm. They have dorms and social areas that are very similar to the "houses" in Harry Potter. Walking through the halls and learning the history of the school was inspiring.  The students are very fortunate to have such a wonderful school with a variety of services available to them.  It was such a thrill to be able to meet so many awesome kids and staff members that day who were also hard of hearing and deaf like me.

On a sad note, my furry purry muse, Liam, died this month.  He was nearly 20 years old.  He was my inspiration for Parker in the trilogy series.   I couldn't have done it without him.  Thank you so much for so many wonderful years of your love and friendship.  You were my best friend. Missing you already.

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