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Posted by jennifer gibson on Monday, February 25, 2013
Sometimes you got to stop and wonder what in the world Fate has in store for us.  It can seem so strange at times.  I know that it's inevitably meant to lead us towards another path that will open a door to new possibilities, perhaps through a chance meeting with someone who has the right connections. 

It's like the movie, Six Degrees of Separation, where we all are somehow connected to someone that is higher up on the rung of the ladder in the society. Someone in this group will strike up a conversation at a dinner party or fundraising event and somehow your name is mentioned, cards and contact information are being exchanged, hopefully that leads to a promising match up. You just never know what will happen down the road.  It's the unknown, the "how" and "when" will this happen that keeps us guessing, wondering when it will all begin to make sense. 

Going to book launches, giving speeches, and meeting scores of new people is one way I hope to gain a higher ground and lead me into a new direction.  That's an exciting prospect which I can't even begin to guess what will happen next.  I keep hoping that someday I will be as famous as "Richard Castle", a legendary author and my muse. 

If I hadn't met Michael Buble a few years ago and gotten hit with an epiphany that if he hadn't followed his heart and worked his butt off, he wouldn't be where he is today as an international singer who was won multiple Grammy and Juno awards.  It was that chance meeting and the generous hug he gave me, that instilled a spark in me to seriously considering following my dreams.  He made me realize that if he can do it, so can I, all it takes is gumption and commitment. 

I started out small by going back on stage and performing in several plays and productions, including a dance show where I had my own solo. I started checking off my Dream List, trying out new adventures including Fencing, and going to concerts such as Coldplay, Josh Groban, and Chris Botti.  Yes, I also met Chris Botti this past year and he was the perfect gentleman towards me, a very kind soul.  One of these days I'm hoping to meet Josh Groban. 

Yes, it was absolutely nerve wracking to tackle those goals but it gave me a sense of freedom to take my next step forward and that was to seriously consider writing a book.  I've always had that thought in the back of mind and essentially needed a starting point, a sense of direction.  Mom suggested that I use my life experiences as a backdrop which led me to incorporating my own childhood into the story.  We wanted to make the situations feel more realistic by tuning into actual events that I went through which magnified the emotions in the book.  It turned into a unique novel featuring a teen with a disability.  Since the first one was so successful, hitting the Top 50 Bestselling list at KOBO, I decided to go ahead and produce a second one.  Soon after it was released, scores of fans and readers contacted me requesting another sequel.  It was that push that encourage me to do a third and final one for the trilogy series.  

None of this would've happened if I hadn't met Michael Buble.  He was that turning point at the crossroads in my life.  On that fateful day, I was lost and unsure about my future and really insecure about myself.  When we stood face to face, he showed me what it was like to be showered with kindness and down-to-earth honesty.  To have someone like Michael hold my hand, gaze lovingly from head to toe ever so slowly and hear the words "You're beautiful" made me suddenly realize that I deserved to be loved.  And that changed me.  Forever.  

Inspiration is all around us.  There's always something to remind us to be strong or brave.  Messages are all around us, clues that help nudge us in the right direction.  Sometimes it's a person, a song, or a deeply moving story that reminds us to stand up and be strong.  We just have to remind ourselves that there's always Hope and when we find it, hold on to it tightly.  Embrace it.  It may not make sense at first and it feels like a tiny step, use it as a springboard for inspiration, it could take you to new heights. 

I don't know what Michael Buble saw in me but his reaction is what moved me to tears - he's the reason why I changed.  And that lead me to writing a trilogy based on my life.  That's a HUGE accomplishment and a dream come true. 

Keep your eyes open, you never know when inspiration will hit you.  It could change your life.  Hold onto Hope whenever you can.  For me, right now, it's Josh Groban's album "All that Echos". 

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