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Living in the darkness is never easy, It's a constant struggle and a heavy weight on our shoulders. In a strange way, it's very much like being in a prison. It has been like this since I was very, very young. Just when I thought I had managed to escape from it, somehow, it finds a way back into my life when I least expect it. Lately, the burden seems heavier than usual.

I've been in the spotlight and public eye since I was a kid, primarily because of my hearing loss. I became a public speaker by the time I was in high school and have done many presentations to various corporations, schools, educational venues, government boards and national conferences. The purpose was to educate people about what it's like living with a hearing loss and how much of an impact it has on our lives. I've always loved doing this because I know I'm making a difference by being honest about my life.

As a result of standing on that podium and being vocal about my disability, I've met many wonderful people from around the world who shared their stories with me. I've been very fortunate to learn more about their experiences. Some were nearly identical to mine while others endured horrible situations that left me speechless. The horror they've been through sent chills down my spine. I was astounded that they survived and managed to find a way to become such amazing people they are today.

Going through such difficult circumstances, particularly from a young age, can leave a lasting impression well into adulthood. It can leave a dark stain on our souls. We learn to put the pain behind us and find a way to move forward in life. Yet, once in awhile, those shadows re-emerge, catching us by surprise.

Imagine my shock when I came across a deeply personal message by a famous actor who revealed his struggles. Earlier in 2013, he made a public announcement that he was gay which took a lot of courage. Then recently, he made the decision to speak up about the dark shadows that tried to pull him down. When I read it, my heart shattered. I knew all too well what he was talking about. I had been through that too.

Wentworth Miller, a talented actor well known for his roles in Prison Break, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, posted an incredibly moving letter about his experience with depression. (I'm posting that letter here so you can read it too.) He did the right thing by being honest, not only to himself, but also to the public. By facing it head-on, he decided to move forward in his life. He used it like a beacon of light for others to find the help they need. Bravo!

Staying strong is not always easy and for some of us, it's a constant battle. It's about learning how to shine despite the darkness that surrounds us.

I've always included an inspirational message in my books and for my newest release coming soon (Book #4), I've chosen this one:

"Hope will always guide you."

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