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Fencing with Deaf Athletes

Posted by jennifer gibson on Thursday, December 17, 2015, In : 2015 

I’ve been asked if I’ve found the transition of going deaf from a profound hearing loss easier than becoming hearing impaired later in life from a normal hearing. Honestly? I really can’t answer that question because I was born with a severe to profound hearing loss. I have no idea what normal hearing sounds like. It was only in recent years that I went deaf in one ear from being exposed to toxic antibiotics.

However, what I can say is that growing up with a severe hearing loss has had ...
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Safe Travels

Posted by jennifer gibson on Thursday, August 6, 2015, In : 2015 

Growing up with a severe hearing loss has taught me a lot of life lessons. I’ve learned that the only person responsible for my safety, especially while traveling, is myself. Even though there are kind and considerate people out there who are more than happy to help me, I simply cannot rely on them for their guidance around the clock.

It doesn’t matter if it’s riding on the subway, bus, taxi, the train or plane, I’ve realized that it’s necessary to plan ahead and be extremely dilige...
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Politically correct doll accessories

Posted by jennifer gibson on Tuesday, July 21, 2015, In : 2015 

I'm seeing more and more toy companies create politically correct dolls and accessories for a wide range of disabilities. It started out with tiny glasses for dolls, which are super adorable and snazzy, then grew to wheelchairs, crutches and now hearing aids and service dogs.

Today I saw a plush hearing aid for Teddy Bears, how cute is that? If you're interested in getting one or two, they are available from Build a Bear workshop:
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Inside Out

Posted by jennifer gibson on Sunday, July 19, 2015, In : 2015 

My niece and I celebrated my birthday by watching the newest animation "Inside Out" - it was amazing! I don't know how the Pixar creative team comes up with these ideas. It was a beautifully crafted and fun-tastic imaginative world, even I felt like a kid again. I highly recommend it.

Inside Out is a truly unique film, since we follow the lives of the "inner voices" when a baby is born. We are introduced to Joy who is the leader and loves creating joyful memories. Her job is to essentially co...
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Hearing loss challenge

Posted by jennifer gibson on Tuesday, July 14, 2015, In : 2015 

Jude Law photographed by singer Bryan Adams for Hear the World.

I recently posted a hearing loss challenge on Facebook by encouraging people to wear ear plugs for a day and one of my friends tried it out.

She said that by doing this, it really opened her eyes about having a disability and gave her a deeper appreciation of what she has now.

Go visit her website and read about her adventure.

Thank y...
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Always keep fighting

Posted by jennifer gibson on Monday, July 13, 2015, In : 2015 

"Always Keep Fighting" No truer words could be spoken. Supernatural actor Jared Padalecki was recently surprised by fans at Comic-Con with an enormous crowd of over 6000 people holding up candles for him and his campaign fighting against depression.

Along with candles that were passed out to the crowd, was a note that said this:

"Everyone is given a candle that burns just for them. When your flame flickers and you fear it will go out, know not seven the strongest wind lasts forever; and there...
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Walk a mile in my shoes

Posted by jennifer gibson on Saturday, July 11, 2015, In : 2015 

(Photos by musician Bryan Adams for the Hear the World campaign)

Have you ever wondered what the world sounds like to me? If you're brave enough and up to a nifty challenge, I dare you to wear earplugs for a day or two.

No cheating! You must wear those ear plugs for every situation ALL DAY. No excuses.That means answering the phone, going shopping, driving, talking to your family, playing sports, watching TV or going to the movies. BTW, it helps to let others know that you are doing an experim...
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Posted by jennifer gibson on Friday, July 10, 2015, In : 2015 

Most people know I'm a big fan of the tv series Supernatural, I've been watching it for years. Aside from the obvious reason that the two main characters, Dean and Sam, are portrayed by supremely handsome actors who are ridiculously talented and hilarious. It lifts me up especially at times when I need it. In a strange way, they are the glue that holds me together. The last thing anyone needs is having me unraveling when the stress gets to be too much.

When Jared Padalecki, the actor who play...
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Posted by jennifer gibson on Monday, June 22, 2015, In : 2015 

Being in the public eye as a speaker from to coast to coast for many years has taught me to accept all sorts of curious, and sometimes ridiculous, questions about being hearing impaired. There's nothing wrong that at all. They just want to learn more about my hearing aids or hearing loss and that's a good thing. It provides a great education about the difficulties we go through on a regular basis or clear up any misunderstandings. It's also a good reminder that we need to be more open about o...
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What does hearing loss sound like?

Posted by jennifer gibson on Sunday, June 14, 2015, In : 2015 

That's me at the age of five or six with my Aunt! I'm wearing a body aid. Today I wear BTE's (Behind the Ear) Oticon hearing aids which are super strong.

I was born with a severe to profound hearing loss and recently went deaf in one ear. This means that when I wear my hearing aids, most sounds are essentially muffled, anything in the distance or that is soft is virtually invisible to me. Some days I feel like I'm wearing pillows over my ears, that's how quiet it is for me with my hearing ai...
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New Anthology!

Posted by jennifer gibson on Monday, April 13, 2015, In : 2015 


The Hill Spirits newest Anthology featuring my short story "Stardust" will be available in May at several book launches in Cobourg, Port Hope and Brighton.

Two of my photos are also being featured - "Frozen in Time" is on the cover and "Hope" is on the inside as a B&W image.

More info:…/hill-spirits-ii-contributors/

Can't wait to get the Hill Spirits 2 Anthology? It's now available online at Amazon in Kindle format. Grab it today and start reading!

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More new designs!

Posted by jennifer gibson on Thursday, March 12, 2015, In : 2015 

Can you believe it? There are three more brand new book cover designs for you to enjoy! All of them are already available to snap up on Amazon!

Anne Rowan - Enchanted -->

Erika Szabo - Protected by the Falcon, Book 1 -->

Erika Szabo - Chosen by the Sword, Book 2 --> http://www.a...
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Posted by jennifer gibson on Sunday, February 1, 2015, In : 2015 

Sweet! As a gift to my readers for Valentine's Day, I've reduced the price of all three books to $0.99 for the month of February.

Hurry and snap up this great deal!

Links to all online bookstores featuring sale prices -->

Individual links:

Amazon USA :

Amazon UK :


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Community Press

Posted by jennifer gibson on Wednesday, January 28, 2015, In : 2015 

Photo by Evelyn Mcleod - For The Community Press

Oh hey, that's me in the news! The Community Press just featured an article about my award from the HearStrong Foundation. The reporter, Evelyn Mcleod, was thrilled to visit our fencing club in Peterborough and took some great shots. She really enjoyed this assignment!

Here's the article:
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