Posted by jennifer gibson on Saturday, May 26, 2012
It's days like these with more technology at our disposal that makes it harder to get our work done, especially from home.  There are distractions everywhere, aside from the usual interruptions that leave a broad pen stroke across the page from being startled such a sudden phone call or doorbell, there's the online stuff that constantly beckons us to the computer or mobile device. 

I got hooked onto Twitter over a year ago and use it every single day.  I love being up to date on social events, latest celebrity sightings, cool giveaways and chatting with so many different people from around the world.  It's amazing to be able to get in touch with anyone at any time and it's a blessing for someone like me (hard of hearing) where I don't have to rely on the TTY or worry about using the phone.  BTW, phones and hearing aids don't mix well, it's an absolute nightmare.  To me, it's like hearing someone mumbling in a thick foreign accent where I can only get a few words of it which leaves me hanging up the phone in frustration. 

Now, I've stumbled onto other communities like Facebook, Polyvore, and Pinterest.  They are addictive.  Heck, they're so much fun! Well, most of the time...sometimes there's a troll hanging out somewhere that tries to ruin it for the rest of the us.  Where's Hermione or Harry when you need them? Surely they could make it disappear with a flick of their wand... 

Anyways, my most recent discovery is Pinterest.  A very cool place to hang out and full of inspirational pins and boards.  If you need ideas for a party, wedding, or want a pick me up, super cute shots, or craft tips, this is where you go. 

Curious? Go check out my collection of Pins and Boards, lots of neat stuff in there:

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