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As I took some time to recover from a back injury, I turned to music for solace, particularly George Michael. Since his death on December 25, 2016, I miss him even more. Growing up in the 80’s, he was such an inspiration to me. He had this amazing light and passion that was impossible to resist. His words and music was about living life to the fullest and not giving a damn about what others thought. 

He was an icon of my generation. During that time, there was a shift in the world, a time of change and movement towards acceptance. It was all about being free to express ourselves and being more open to being loving. He was not afraid to use his own experiences in his songs and poke fun at it (Outside). 

His songs is what got me through the difficult times in high school, especially as a shy and troubled teen with a hearing loss. He gave me the strength to keep going and energize the fire in me to stay strong. That message means even more to me now. His voice resonates with me so strongly today. 

“If we have faith in each other, then we can be strong.” Father Figure, George Michael. 

I loved how fearless he seemed and simply enjoyed the moment. In retrospect, that’s the way I should’ve lived my life. Many of his songs were about tapping into our love and faith. Interestingly enough, I’ve been seeing that message this past week. it made me pause and really consider that. I saw the same words again today in Gabrielle Bernstein’s book, “Miracles Now”. 

“Your happiness can be measured by the level of your faith in love.” #MiraclesNow 

She talked about letting our faith guide us. When times are tough, we need faith more than ever. We have to learn to let go and embrace the knowledge that the universe has our back. The freedom comes from knowing that we are being guided. 

I couldn’t believe what I was reading. There it was again, the word “faith”. That has been a consistent theme lately and in hindsight, it was always there, especially through George Michael’s music. Now that he is in heaven, it’s truly more special since I’m listening to the voice of an angel. To this day, he is still touching our hearts and souls through his words by uniting us with love and accepting ourselves the way we are. 

To me, it’s a reminder that I need to look inward and love myself. It’s about finding the faith that I lost and bringing it back into my life.This is not easy for me to accept, in fact, it’s very difficult to embrace at the moment. But I will continue to strive forward with hope in my heart. 

“You’ll never find peace of mind until you listen to your own heart.” George Michael 

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