Feeling Abnormal

Posted by jennifer gibson on Saturday, January 12, 2013
No, it has nothing to do with my blood's about a pretty cool show called Sanctuary that has been produced and filmed in Canada for the past few years.  It was a unique series that originally started out a mini webisodes that became so popular, it was turned into a tv series. The funny thing is that it's such a truly original show it's hard to sum it up neatly.  For the most part, it's about a team from an organization called the Sanctuary that track down extraordinary and unusual creatures all around the world that are called Abnormals. 

What I found most appealing about Sanctuary was not only the creative writing but also the emotional depth of dealing with situations that seem to be beyond the scope of our understanding.  Even though it's about the impossible and the science fiction aspect of believing that anything can happen, there are still intense elements of truth that mirror our lives.  For me, it touched my heart deeply since there were moments when I could relate to some of the abnormals like Henry, a staff member at Sanctuary, who discovers that he's a HAP (Hyper-accelerated Protean - werewolf) and feels cursed.  He realizes that no one would truly understand what he's going through and feels the immense pressure of the outside world looking at him as if he's a freak of nature.  It those situations where I can instantly relate to what is happening on a emotional level and that means a lot to me.  The fact that they are trying to portray issues associated with the personal side of the supernatural community is humbling - we're all human inside regardless of how we appear. 

Sanctuary features a stunningly talented cast - Ryan Robbins (Stargate), Emilie Ullerup (Arctic Air), Amanda Tapping (Stargate), Robin Dunne (Dawson's Creek), Christopher Heyerdahl (Stargate) and Jonathon Young (Stargate Atlantis).

Go take a look.  Official site -->

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