Posted by jennifer gibson on Thursday, September 26, 2013

I've met all sorts of people and kids from around the world.  The ones that steal my heart are those that have a disability.  Many have had a difficult life, particularly as a young child.  They've endured the most unimaginable horrors that no one should ever go through.  Being bullied is just one aspect of cruelty that they have encountered.  Imagine having your hair set on fire by a classmate or being pushed down the stairs at school and no one offers a helping hand.  The principal and teachers simply turned a blind eye, saying that it's all a part of growing up.  

Unfortunately, these are real incidents. Believe it or not, going through that crap made some of us stronger.  In other cases, it destroyed their life. I've met people with all sorts of impairments from having a mild intellectual disability or slight vision loss to others who were completely blind, deaf or severely physically disabled.  Most were born this way and had a tough childhood. Sadly, living with a disability is a constant reminder of our limitations.  Day after day, we work hard to overcome the challenges associated with our disabilities. 

One thing that I've noticed after meeting these wonderful people, is their passion for wanting to follow their dreams. They all want the same thing, including myself, and that's being accepted in the society.  We want to have jobs, have a relationship, get married or have kids.  It's the same in every case.  We all have hopes and desires just like everyone else.

What surprised me the most, was their ability to be incredibly compassionate people.  They had such big hearts and open minds.  I was blown away by their sweet smiles and hugs.  They were a beacon of light despite being surrounded by so much darkness in their life.  If I could, I would name a star after each and every one of them.  They are my heroes.

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