Finding HOPE

Posted by jennifer gibson on Thursday, November 14, 2013

That's me! I'm donating a copy of Destiny to our local library, that's our Librarian Marg who is thrilled to be receiving it.

For those of you that were not able to attend my Book Launch, here's a portion of my speech for you to enjoy!  If you've read my books Sway, Compass, or Destiny - please leave a review at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or KOBO. I would love to hear what you thought about them. Thank you!

Finding HOPE

I recently gave a speech at a conference for people with disabilities and talked about my trilogy series that was based on my life growing up with a hearing loss. This was an impressive group and they had a wide range of disabilities, such as being hard of hearing like me, others were in a wheelchair and some of them had Downʼs Syndrome. I spoke about about following our dreams and reaching for the stars. Since the series is about finding hope, I asked them what they wished for and what did they want the most? They all said the same thing: to be accepted and loved, not rejected or feared. It was about wanting the same things as everyone else, to have a job, be in a relationship, and have a normal life. It was about being able to contribute to the society and be a part of the community.

For many of them, growing up with a disability had an enormous impact on their life. They endured an unbelievable amount of torment and some of them went through heart-wrenching experiences that no one should ever go through. For some, their spirits were broken. They lost a part of their soul.

All they wanted was compassion and acceptance, from their classmates, teachers and people in the community. I got to meet many of them, they were amazing people who were very sweet and kind. I loved meeting them. Not only were they special, they had beautiful hearts and souls. They were wonderful people who shined brightly like the stars at night.

What was interesting to me was that we all had the same thing in common: HOPE. To believe that our dreams can come true. There is a special quote for Destiny: Find the light within you and let it shine. Thatʼs what I hope it does for everyone else, whether they have a disability or not. Itʼs about believing in ourselves.

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