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Posted by jennifer gibson on Tuesday, April 2, 2013
Hi folks!

It always amazes me whenever a fan tells me how much they loved reading my books.  It's even more impressive when it's someone that I didn't expect to hear them say this to me.  Why? Well, it's primarily because I originally wrote the trilogy series for the young adult market, specifically teens with a disability.  Now, I'm finding out that readers aged 10 and up, are delving into it, including parents and grandparents! I never expected it to reach such a wide audience like that!

As I take that into consideration, it means that I've struck a chord.  It's a sign that people want to read something that is truly unique and from a fresh perspective, namely a hearing impaired teen that is struggling to make sense of her life as her world is turned upside down. 

Readers have remarked that as they've read it, the story felt real and allowed them to immerse themselves into the character's shoes.  That's because it is real.  And they are literally walking a thousand miles in my shoes.  Since I've incorporated many aspects of my life into the books, the fans are getting a very rich sampling of my past. 

Both Sway and Compass are in bookstores worldwide and the third one will be released this summer.  I'll be doing lots of promos, giveaways, book launches, and interviews for the next few months.  You can keep up to date on these events via a brand new Author page at Facebook! Go take a look >

If you've already read Sway or Compass, please add your awesome review at any of the online bookstores including Amazon - it will help encourage new readers to consider checking it out!

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