Posted by jennifer gibson on Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Everyone has their own way of fighting through the darkness.  There are days when the world seems too chaotic and it invades our mind and soul.  It tries to tear us apart, piece by piece, shredding our sense of humanity.  Searching for solace is a personal journey for all of us.  For some, it's yoga, going for long walks or even running.  For others, it's creative outlets such as painting, reading a great book, going to the movies or a concert. 

For me, it's many different aspects since I function on so many levels.  I do sports, fencing in particular.  I'm also a painter and photographer which appeals to the creative visual side of me.  To reach the deeper levels, closer to my soul, it's music.  Lately I've tuned into Ricky Martin & Enrique Iglesias and they have stolen my heart.  As I watch and listen to their songs, I can feel the old me rise to the surface, trying to glow brightly once again. 

Here are the songs that I'm enjoying right now:

Ricky Martin Frio Video:

Lyrics to Frio:

Enrique Iglesias Heartbeat Video:

Lyrics to Heartbeat:

"Find the light within you and let it SHINE - Destiny by Jennifer Gibson"

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