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Posted by jennifer gibson on Saturday, January 14, 2012
Just did some "light reading" this morning as I perused through the massively thick volume of Harry Potter Page to Screen: The complete film making journey. Sharp eyed fans will recognize my tongue in cheek humour here (Hint: Hermione said this phrase in the library while doing research on Nicholas Flammel.)  It really is a heavy tome.

It was an astounding read and I'm only halfway through it.  It's filled with fascinating tidbits from the directors and producers,  personal insights from the actors, behind the scene revelations on how props are used and made, how they heck they flew on the broomsticks, as well as stunning illustrations and photos throughout the series. It features an in-depth look into how everyone's lives changed, particularly the cast as they rose to celebrity stardom very quickly.  Virtually involved came away with a sense of pride and overwhelming feeling of being supremely lucky to have been a part of it - it was a magical experience just to be on the set of the Harry Potter franchise.

It's simply fascinating how an idea grew into a seven book series then exploded onto the screen, causing a huge sensation all around the world.  I mean, really, it's nearly every author's dream to have their stories made into a tv series or land on film.  However, I think that was the last thing J.K.Rowling had on her mind, for her it was simply trying to get the vivid stories out of her head and onto paper.  She was more concerned with trying to stay employed, bring in money to support her family through her writing skills. 

I truly understand that; there is nothing more powerful than having the desperate need to be able to afford to buy groceries, warm clothes, and pay the rent.  It grips your soul, the need to survive which can push you to whip yourself into shape.  It makes it impossible to slack off when you run out of money by the second week of the month and you know that there are more bills coming your way.  It's that horrible sensation of absolute dread and fear when you truly realize just how broke you are.

For the most part, I think it was a combination of pure luck and being in the right place at the right time for J.K.Rowling to have been so successful in publishing those stories. 

Funnily enough, I've had numerous people from all sorts of backgrounds including high profile ones, tell me that they can see great things happening with my books.  They just know that it could become a huge hit anytime.  While that is very flattering and kind, it kind of makes you wonder if it really is possible for dreams to come true.  Who knows?  Perhaps Jessie and Ethan would be gracing the screens a few years from now on an epic journey.

In the meantime, if you are a big Harry Potter fan, here is the link featuring the book >>

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