Hearing loss challenge

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Jude Law photographed by singer Bryan Adams for Hear the World.

I recently posted a hearing loss challenge on Facebook by encouraging people to wear ear plugs for a day and one of my friends tried it out.

She said that by doing this, it really opened her eyes about having a disability and gave her a deeper appreciation of what she has now.

Go visit her website and read about her adventure.

Thank you Erika Szabo​ for having the courage to try it and giving us valuable feedback about your experience. It means the world to me!

By this doing this experiment, it gives the person a glimpse into my world. It's not easy as it sounds. Literally. That's because everyone takes their hearing for granted, it's a part of our lives and an integral form of communication that ties all of us together. It's not until it's taken away that you truly realize just how much you rely on your ability to listen.

Go on...I dare you to go for a day with out being able to hear. Try keeping those earplugs in for as long as possible!

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