Posted by jennifer gibson on Monday, November 4, 2013

We all want someone to look up to, a particular hero who is fearless, embodies incredible strength, and is willing to stand by our side to help guide us.  It's that shining star of inspiration that lifts us out of the darkness. 

If you ask me who my hero is, the answer may surprise you.  It's not a dashing prince, although Harry comes pretty close, or a firefighter, it's Nick Vuijicic.  He was born with no arms or legs (tetra-amelia syndrome).  Like me, he endured a difficult childhood.  Gradually he learned to overcome adversity, although he did go through some very dark times before becoming a renowned Pastor, traveling around the world and inspiring millions of people of all ages to find hope. 

Despite his disability, he chose not to give up.  Having the courage to speak to hundreds or thousands of people and talk about his life is simply amazing.  He tries to reach out to the souls with their hearts surrounded in darkness, and encourages them to find a way to move forward in life. 

He tells us to dream big and never give up and that's a great message, especially from him.  Why do I consider him to be my hero?  Simple.  He represents HOPE.  And that dreams can come true. 

Growing up, he never expected to get married, have kids or live a normal life.  Today, he is married to a beautiful woman named Kanae Miyahara and has a son.  For them, it was love at first sight. 

He's my inspiration, my guiding light.  A true hero.

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