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I was recently asked a very good question: who or what inspires you in your life?

I would have to say that a lot of people influence me in many different ways. My mother's love for art, particularly painting inspires me to do it too. My father's love for photography taught me to also enjoy taking pictures of nature which in turn has won me many awards. Watching children be creative with games or crafts encourages me to come up with new and innovative ideas to keep them entertained. Even books, such as Harry Potter, inspired me to devise a variety of fun activities similar to Quidditch using hula hoops and frisbees or hanging faux candles from the ceiling at Halloween. 

Inspiration can be found literally everywhere we look and sometimes all it takes is taking a moment to find it. For me, browsing through Instagram shots from all over the world has inspired me to try new shots with my camera from different perspectives. Pinterest, has also launched many projects for me to try, some with great success and others with failure. But hey, at least I tried. All it takes is a spark for me to get really motivated and try something new and I love that.

People like Nyle DiMarco, a Deaf model who has reached stardom simply for being fearless is truly an inspiration to me. He wouldn't have won Dancing with the Stars or America's Top Model if he hadn't made that choice to just go for it. Once he decided to give it a try, regardless of the odds, he was determined to give it 100%. His passion is what propelled him to where he is now, a successful model where his hearing doesn't matter (BTW, he has over 1 million followers on Instagram!) He inspires me to keep going after my dreams. He gives me the strength and determination to keep moving forward and do what I want to do. Nyle is a constant reminder that I need to believe in myself when it seems hopeless and pushing myself to the limits to see how far I can go.

Learn more about Nyle:

Internationally known public speaker, Nick Vujicic, is also an inspiration to me. He has learned to embrace his life regardless of his physical disability. He was born with no arms or legs. It wasn't easy for him and at one point, he was extremely depressed and suicidal thinking that he would never get married or have kids. Today, he is married to a beautiful woman and has a child with another one on the way - proof that dreams can come true. Over the last few years, he has become a renowned and sought after speaker, giving presentations around the world at schools to send the message that it's time to accept and love yourself. He reminds people that it's all about attitude and how you present yourself to others. He encourages us to change the way other people see you by believing in yourself and overcoming adversity by staying strong. Nick inspires us to look inward and see what is good about ourselves and project that outwards so that everyone else can love it too. He strongly believes that no matter what the circumstances are, that we can overcome it. By being honest about himself and his struggles, he has truly inspired millions of people around the world.

More about Nick:

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Another thing that I've learned from what seems like an endless amount of self reflection and observing people like Nyle and Nick is that it's all about how you present yourself to the world. It doesn't pay to have a negative attitude about how people with disabilities are treated. In the long run, it turns people off from wanting to help or provide accessible services. When people meet Nyle, they are often so impressed by his passion and big heart, that they want to be able to chat with him and as a result, they are actively engaged in wanting to learn sign language. Having an open mind, a positive spirit and warm, loving energy has encouraged so many people to want to get to know him and be a part of his life. That is saying something.  Both Nyle and Nick have managed to find a way to turn a negative situation, such as their physical disabilities, into a remarkable achievement. All they did was face life with a positive attitude and simply believing in themselves.

Who inspires you?

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