Just singing in the rain...

Posted by jennifer gibson on Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Sorry, it's raining outside and I couldn't help myself.  Yep, I'm definitely a Gene Kelly fan.  And in fact, watched many of his movies to learn his awesome dance moves to prepare myself for a dance production I was in a few years ago. Cool eh?

Speaking of theatre, I've been in a number of plays and enjoyed the experience very much. Did I find it nerve wracking and impossible to follow? No, not really as long as I paid attention to what was going on and followed the script.  Knowing my lines and the overall story made a huge difference in keeping up with a play regardless of how boisterous it became.  When I go watch other plays such as Lion King in Toronto or Hamlet in Stratford, I read the plays ahead of time so that I don't have to worry about lipreading the actors or getting lost, I follow the script in my head with ease. 

Being familiar with the surroundings and embracing it can make a huge difference in enjoying an experience like that.  It's the same thing with me when I'm outside, say at the beach, and have to take off my hearing aids to go swimming.  Once I remove them, my world suddenly goes silent.  I no longer hear the seagulls laugh above my head or the lapping of the waves against the shorelines.  The delightful screams of the kids in the water disappear and the soft thunk of the volleyball vanishes.  There's no sound.  It's a silent hush. 

However, I have learned to find the music all around me. The gentle breeze against my face, the warmth of the sun on my skin, and the dazzling sparkles on the lake all suddenly seem so much more profound.  Everything becomes beautiful and more intimate once my perception shifts from being infused in sound to seeing and feeling what nature has to offer all around me.  This is why my eye is so much sharper in finding interesting things to photograph, I find so much beauty in the effects of light and shadow, glittering dew drops on plants, and glorious colours from the flowers.  Rippling water can be as beautiful as sparkling gems.  Flowers appear more like a canvas with bold strokes painted across the surface. 

Today, as I was raking the leaves and doing spring cleaning outside, I didn't have my hearing aids on.  The sun was warm on my back, there was a rich scent of wood smoke in the air, and the crocuses were just starting to bloom.  It was a beautiful day and I was able to enjoy it in silence.  The backyard was my stage and there were so much action happening from my perspective.

You can do this too by wearing ear plugs or ear muffs to help you tune out the noises all around you, this way you'll begin to see the world through my eyes.  Just take the time to take in your surroundings and appreciate it. 

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