Kindness of strangers

Posted by jennifer gibson on Tuesday, February 26, 2013
Kindness is everywhere, you just never know when you will be blessed with it.  I'm a strong believer in paying it forward.  If I have extra change on me and see someone struggling to pay for their cup of coffee, I'm more than happy to buy it for them.  The look of stunned surprise (and sometimes tears) on their faces never fails to amaze me. 

Recently I received two bracelets courtesy of Jackie Brazil World Jewelery, a delightful gift for my mother and I.  I received the Ciclon silver bracelet featuring several hot pink chunky resin pieces.  It's simply gorgeous! I was surprised by the hefty weight to it which is sign of the excellent craftsmanship that went into producing it - a very high quality product.  Normally, I'm wary of trying on metal jewelery due to my allergies, however, I've been wearing this Ciclon bracelet for several days in a row and have not had any skin reactions to it.  I love the weight of it and when I wear it, it's makes me feel more glamorous, like a beautiful woman. 

The only downside was the length of it, it was a bit too long for my slender wrist.  I had to remove one of the chain links to shorten it, and I got to say, I had a dickens of a time fixing it - the chain was incredibly strong (a sign of high quality work). I just wish I could've had the choice of ordering a smaller size so that I didn't have to worry about trying to adjust it.  I was terrified that I might damage it

My mother does not like wearing tight jewelery due to her arthritis and was pleasantly surprised by how light the Licorice bracelet was and thrilled with the stretchiness of it.  The black squares with the peppy stripes are simply adorable and can easily be worn with virtually any outfit whether you are dressing up or down

I love Jackie Brazil jewelery.  I've always admired their wide range of recycled wearable art which is made out of resin.  Their products are truly stunning.  They are so drool worthy, they look positively yummy! As a creative artist, I'm instantly attracted to these amazing designs.  I have visited their site many times, checking out their latest range of delightful products which are hand made by talented artists and craftsmen
in Rio De Janeiro.  They are truly phenomenal pieces of work.  Every bracelet, earring and ring is like a virtual canvas, skillfully crafted with splashes of vibrant colours and fun, squeal worthy styles.  I just wish they made hearing aids and ear molds like these! How cool would that be?!

Some of my favourite collections are "Cascades" which features sparkling, colourful chunky shapes, "Tropicalia" with their freshly squeezed hues containing a touch of glitter that remind me of summer,  "Polka Dot" which are super cute and appeal to the giddy kid in me, and "Amazon" with it's gorgeous shimmering stripes. 

Honestly?  I love pretty much every style that is displayed at Jackie Brazil World, it's a jaw dropping collection of marvelous pieces of wearable artwork. 
They feature an incredible range of styles that could virtually appeal to anyone with an artist's soul. 

If you love old fashioned murder mysteries like Hercule Poirot, definitely consider
the "Orient Express" collection, it's a perfect match.  The "Licorice Allsorts" is a fun, modern style that reminds me of my Grandma who loved eating those adorable Licorice squares when I was a kid.  If you're like me and embrace more natural and organic shapes, go take a look at the "Diamantes" collection, the smooth and chunky pieces resemble Amber which are available in a wide assortment of dazzling hues. Perhaps you're more on the "Dork Side" (yes, that's a Star Wars reference) and a major computer geek, you must consider visiting the "Flash Gordon" page which features a very cool assortment of designer jewelery made out of circuit boards! For the more adventurous types, go visit the "Indiana Jones" page, there's lots of super fun pieces that are perfect for wearing to your next travel destination. 

Don't worry if vibrant jewelery is not your cup of tea, Jackie Brazil World does offer neutral and classical collectionsVisit the "Black & White" department, they feature a stunning assortment of divine pieces in there. 

And if you're worried breaking the bank or don't want to splurge - go pay a visit to the Sale page, there's lots of wonderful goodies in there too. 

When you get a chance, definitely take the time to read the article "How it's made" which features behind the scenes photos of the jewelery making process from beginning to end.  It was as Spock would say, fascinating. (Yes, I admit that I'm a Sci Fi geek.)

Intrigued? Already salivating? Go check out the jewelery at - I have a feeling that you'll end up buying a piece or two or three ;)

FYI, I've included shots of the two bracelets we've received.  Aren't they fabulous?!

Ciclon Bracelet

Licorice Bracelet

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