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“Leave a powerful energy impression.”

Those are the words of Gabrielle Bernstein, from her book “Miracles Now”. The timing couldn’t be more perfect since it’s Thanksgiving weekend here and it would’ve been my mother’s birthday today. I think it’s fitting that I came across that phrase since it’s a time of reflection. 

We are in a transition phase, moving from a humid summer to a cool fall, where the leaves are changing into bright shades of crimson, gold and orange. It’s a time where we slow down to appreciate the beauty of our surroundings and be thankful. 

As I look back at Mom’s life, the more I realize just how much of an impact that she had on me. She was a truly kind, compassionate and generous soul. Despite her physical limitations and severe pain on a daily basis, she always found a way to make each day count. Her empathy and passion for helping others were her biggest gifts. She loved animals and was more than happy to give them a warm and loving home. 

She left an incredible legacy and a lasting impression on me. Through her, I became a strong and independent person. She instilled in me the ability to be a survivor. Since her death, my perception has dramatically changed towards a more introspective nature. I’ve had to learn to embrace even the smallest moments of happiness and finding ways of being grateful. 

I’m discovering more things to be thankful for whether it be snuggling with my purr-babies, going for walks or taking photos around town. Even having the opportunity, and being fortunate enough to buy groceries, is a blessing. Being paid to do work that I enjoy, from photography, to graphic design and book covers, is a rewarding experience. 

I’ve also become more aware of my words and actions towards others. I’m more mindful of the impact that I have on others. Recently I lost my temper and yelled at a local construction crew who were blocking the driveway to my home. I literally had no other way of getting in which frustrated me to no end. It had been an ongoing issue for the last few months and it was getting increasingly congested as more crews began working on nearby buildings. It seemed like they no regard for the people who lived here. I finally had enough after a stressful day and spoke my mind. The crew grudgingly moved their large tractor out of the way so I could get in and seemed to view it as an inconvenience on their part. This was not my first confrontation with them and they had been getting increasingly rude and disrespectful to me. On that particular day, it was the final straw. 

Soon after that incident, there was a noticeable shift in their attitude and they became super nice, moving quickly out of the way whenever I was around. At first, I found their reaction amusing but in hindsight it made me realize how much of an impression I left on them. I found that to be a bit worrisome. Much to my surprise, one of the crewmen approached me, apologizing profusely for their behaviour. He was fully aware that they were making it more difficult for us to live here. I was stunned. He was genuinely sorry and his words were humbling. I was impressed by how thoughtful and considerate he was about their presence. To be fully aware of their actions as a crew spoke volumes about his character. With his words and politeness, he changed a difficult situation around simply by being kind. 

It’s little gestures like that, that can have a big impact. Even the smallest moments such as when a handsome barista at Starbucks gives me a broad smile, that can truly make a difference for the rest of the day. We are so busy with our lives and incredibly focused on our schedules, that we sometimes forget to take a moment to appreciate the little things like an act of kindness. Mom believed in being kind when she could, giving a dollar or two to anyone who needed it, or simply taking the time to listen to them. She never judged them. She believed in living in the moment and appreciating it. 

That’s what the world needs more of, compassion and acts of kindness. Being mindful of what we do and say, can go a long ways towards healing ourselves. 

Happy Birthday Mom, I miss you. 

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