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(Earmold tubes - Etsy, BriteTubes)

After seeing numerous posts on Instagram featuring brightly decorated earmolds and hearing aids, I decided to contact Phonak and ask them where I could possibly get the colourful tubes for my BTE's. They offer a lot of gorgeous shades for their Sky V hearing aids which is for the Teen market that also gives them the freedom to pick a variety of hook and tube colours as well. Even though I do not wear Phonak, I was over the moon about their willingness to allow people like us choose we want and personalize our hearing aids. I was curious about the tubes and wondered if I could get them for my Oticon BTE's and they advised me to contact my audiologist which I did on that same day.

I had an appointment for new tubes anyway and went in expecting to see a variety of colours. Much to my dismay, they were not able to obtain them in Ontario. Disappointed, I went back to Phonak and explained that it didn't seem to be available in our province. Much to my surprise, they happily offered several links to Etsy and Ebay as sources for those ear mold tubes. I was absolutely giddy once I saw the images online, they were stunning!

The kid in me squealed delightfully and I promptly contacted the seller, inquiring about the specific size and thickness. Due to the severity of my hearing loss, the tubes need to be the correct thickness otherwise I would end up with feedback or distortion to sounds. In the past, I had received thinner tubes and I could barely hear conversations. That was big realization for me in terms of how much of an impact they could make on my ability to process the sounds around me.

I picked out two reliable sources that had an amazing collection of beautiful ear mold tubes. For Etsy, it was BriteTubes  ( and Emtech Laboratories ( Both offered lots of choices and Emtech had an incredible array of hearing aid supplies. However, Brite Tubes from Etsy had a couple more colours, namely pink and purple  which are my absolute fave. I eagerly reached out to Barb at Etsy, explained the severity of my hearing loss and requirements for the tube thickness. She had the right kind of tubes in pink! Yay! I quickly ordered them and within a week, they arrived.

I loved them as soon as opened the package. It was like Christmas! I will be taking them to my audiologist to add a copper lock and put them on my earmolds. I simply can't wait to try them out.

By the way, both Etsy and Emtech offer additional hearing aid accessories such as ear jewelery and tube twists. It's worth taking a look. I also shopped at Ebay for the Jamberry Nailwraps to decorate my hearing aids - aren't they a lot of fun?

Instead of pouting about wearing boring hearing aids, I took the initiative to have my ear molds designed with marble swirls and changed the outside shell using removable Nailwraps. Now, with the new tubes, it's really beginning to look like a complete set!

When you go shopping at Etsy, be sure to say hello to Barb at BriteTubes for me and check out her store! I have a feeling you'll be browsing for the rest of the day...have fun! 

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