Posted by jennifer gibson on Monday, May 14, 2012
Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to know where to look...

Every writer has those moments of sudden inspiration which opens the flood gates of creativity.  Alas, there is always another side to that, moments that we all dread - those hours or days of procrastination, where we circle the writing desk, trying to rope in all of those wild and random thoughts and transform them into a believable story. Sometimes once we get started, there's no stopping us.  Other times, it's a few paragraphs here, several pages there, an entire chapter or two in a day. 

What I've learned over the past few years of producing my novels is that there is a particular rhythm to writing, an ebb and flow that you can't force.  It seems to set it's own pace.  Staring at a blank most certainly does not help inspire those heart pounding scenes that leave you gasping in awe, anxiously flipping through the pages quickly.  Sometimes all it takes is going outside for a walk, driving through a scenic countryside, doing chores or even taking a shower.  And of course, in the dead of the night, say at 1 am which has me grabbing my journal in a sleepy fog and jotting down those awesome, fleeting ideas.

I'm sure you're asking yourself, "But aren't the novels based on a true story? Surely you don't need inspiration for that?"  Well, yes and no.  Even though they are comprised of 75% actual events, some of those scenarios need to be expanded or merged with another chapter which requires coming up with equally intense situations. Overall, I still have to fill in the gaps and provide some sense of balance. 

The third book in the series has proven to be much more intense, gripping at times and of course, much thicker.  It's taken me much longer to write this one compared to the first two which were completed within six to eight months.  I started writing the third book in August of last year and I'm finally nearing the end - that's ten months of writing! Holy cow!

Initially when I get an inkling of a potential book, all of the ideas, plot lines, characters and arc are written down.  At least this way, I have a reference point to help me stay on track otherwise I would veer off course mid way through.  Plus I just love putting a giant check mark beside each completed chapter or scenario, there's such a great sense of gratification.  

In the meantime, I've already gotten a glimpse of an idea for a forth book, separate from the series featuring Jessie.  So, time will tell whether I go ahead with that project. 

People often ask me, where do you get your muse? Like I said, anywhere, at any time.  Sometimes it's best NOT to focus on the problem and go do something else like gardening.  Although I'll admit that I also get my spark of creative juice from other writers, including TV shows like Smallville, Roswell, or Warehouse 13.  Lately I've been getting a kick out of Supernatural, aside from the supremely talented & naturally handsome actors, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, I'm impressed by the writers of this series.  When you think about it from my POV, they are producing a "novel" in a significantly compressed amount of time - An average novel tends to have approximately twenty chapters, so when you think about it, a TV series of twenty episodes is an incredible feat. When I watch shows like Supernatural, I'm admiring the writer's style, especially these guys who often get me laughing with their surprising quips at a time when you don't expect it. 

Here's a pin featuring the two actors from Supernatural, enjoy! >

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