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I've spent the last few months taking a break from sports to recover from numerous injuries that didn't seem to be healing. I took that opportunity to concentrate on the creative side in my life which I have not done in a very long time. This was something that I neglected to do for my myself which is what I was desperately craving. I needed those quiet moments of sketching, doing nature photography and writing. I'm a creative person, I always have been. Sports provided a much needed outlet for my excessive energy. By taking a break from sports, namely fencing, I had to do some soul searching. I had to tune into my body and figure out what I needed to do next.

Fate always has a reason even if it doesn't make any sense at the time. It's usually not until many months or years later, when we realize that it was a necessary growth in our life. That's where I am right now. Putting my life on pause in more ways than one, has shown me how to open my eyes to the beauty around me. It forced me to see things in a new light. My photography is soaring to new heights. My creative work in book cover design is flourishing once again which I love doing. I've gone back to writing and currently working on the last chapter of my forth novel. I was very surprised when I got the inspiration to write another book in the series since it was originally a trilogy series. Soon after I stopped fencing, my creative world suddenly exploded with new possibilities. This was a big surprise and in retrospect, something I needed to for myself.

By removing myself from one aspect of my life, that opportunity turned into a wonderful time full of love, family and creativity. I had missed all of that. Being able to spend time with my family and my cousins has shown me how precious we are all and the importance of being able to connect with each other. Hitting that pause button, even when it was very difficult to do so, showed me how to shift my focus and simply be more patient.

Now that time has slowed down for me, I'm learning how to appreciate the little things in life. Having my cat Bella sleep beside me while I write means the world to me. It's that wonderful quiet moment that rings true with my heart. Going outside to take pictures of snowflakes sitting on dried flowers is a remarkably calming experience. I love the soft mood winter brings. Everyday I try to find inspiration, something that lifts my spirit.

I recently came across an artist named Pascal Campion who is remarkably talented at creating incredibly moody artwork. I love his ability to bring forth the warmth and love in those small human moments. His use of simplicity is truly wonderful, it brings forward a sense of peace and solitude. I especially adore the cats that he often includes in the images. You can find him on many social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook (, Devianart, and Twitter: @pascalcampion

You can purchase some of his artwork at: and he even has a compilation of his Daily Sketches that also feature tutorials and his experiences working in the animation industry.

His work is truly amazing and full of light and love.

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