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Posted by jennifer gibson on Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Gah! I've been tagged by a chain letter! I just hope it doesn't turn into a nightmare with dark, looming scenes of giant cursive words and letters chasing me through a misty graveyard as if I'm stuck in a horrendous world from Alice in Wonderland.  *shudders*

All kidding aside, I found this particular chain letter intriguing - it's an exercise that requires me to search for the first word "look" in my current novel, Compass, which is in the official editing stages.  BTW, I actually have four editors - my Mom, who just happens to be a professional editor, gets the first draft.  Then it's off to Black Opal Books for more tweaking through three additional editors. Whew!

Here's the first paragraph in my second novel featuring the word "look".

"I looked across the floor and did a double take; Jackie was my partner.  Beside me was Donna, her partner was Amber.  Buffy was on my other side.  Great, I thought, I was flanked by the evil Addams family

Jackie quickly shot out the ball, bouncing it hard on the slick, glossy floor, catching me off guard.  I nearly fumbled the ball and caught it in the nick of time as Coach Collins glanced in my direction.  I blew out a sharp breath, relieved that I didn't look like an idiot at that point. 

I looked at Jackie and saw her standing there smirking."

Want to know what happens next? Guess you'll have to wait until Christmas to get the book and find out! Yes, I'm such a tease. ;)

In the meantime, you can check out more books by the talented writers at my publisher's online store:


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