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I recently saw the newest episode (season four) of Queer Eye on Netflix and it immediately captured my attention. It was by far, my favourite since it was focused on overcoming disabilities. The transformation was truly incredible to witness! 

This episode, featureing Wesley Hamilton, a cross fit trainer who founded his own non-profit organization called “Disabled But Not Really” to help other people with disabilities feel empowered. He became paralyzed from the waist down after being shot seven years ago which changed his life. It was a long journey for him to truly discover his true nature.

He admitted that it wasn’t easy and struggled with it physically, emotionally and mentally. After being bed ridden for two years and relied on the help of his mother, he made the choice to change his outlook. His mother nominated him to get the Fab Five to gain more independence in his home with is not wheelchair accessible. 

Like many of the Queer Eye episodes, this one is definitely a tear jerker and you will need a box of tissues to view it. It’s truly a roller coaster ride of deep emotions that will make you cheer on Wesley and the Fab Five team. They completely redesigned the house to make it easier to navigate with a wheelchair and provide more sensible options when it came to cooking, washing clothes, having a bath, and using the closet. One of the biggest issues Wesley had was finding clothes, specifically jackets, that worked with a wheelchair since they often got caught in the wheels. As the Fab Five tagged along with him as they went shopping, they learned very quickly how hard it was for him to reach items that he needed. It was an eye opening experience for all of them. 

Wesley learned to overcome the challenges associated with his physical limitations, very much like a phoenix rising out of the ashes, and found a way to be proud of his transformation. Even though he still struggled with his inner demons, such as wondering why he was shot, he discovered a passion for cooking and helping other disabled people. He learned how to bring in more positivity by embracing his disability. As a result, he has been inspiring everyone he meets with his bright smile. 

It took a profound injury to change his perspective and find his true purpose. He found a way utilize his transformation by helping others. My belief is that everything happens for a reason and this is an incredible example of that. Wesley soul is so clear that he is so full of light and shines like a star. 

I highly recommend this show and episode in particular. These guys have an amazing attitude that is incredibly inspiring and uplifting which is what we need now, more than ever. They will make you laugh, cheer them on, and most of all, cry. Definitely keep those tissues handy. So, what are you waiting for? Go watch it right now. 

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