Posted by jennifer gibson on Friday, January 20, 2012
For those of you that know me, I'm also featured on Twitter as @charmedchickJG

I'm often asked curious questions, requested to post a guest blog, and interviewed by people all over the world.

Today is a special Q&A for Twitter fans!

Q1: How did you lose your hearing? A1: I was born this way - my Mom had Ruebella when she was pregnant.

Q2: Do you wear hearing aids? A2: Yes! I wear super power Oticon Safari's in Plum purple with pink earmolds!

Q3: Did you go to a Deaf school? A3: No, I went to a regular school - I was the only hearing impaired kid!

Q4: Why don't you hide your hearing aids? A4: It's better for everyone to see & know I can't hear.

Q5: What happens if you don't wear your hearing aids? A5: I hear absolutely nothing! My world is silent.

Q6: Who is the character Jessie from Sway based on? A6: She's me as a young teen!

Q7: Did you really meet Michael Buble? A7: Yes! He inspired me to write my books!

Q8: How long does it take to write a book? A8: An average of 8 months.

Q9: Is it true that you write out the chapters by hand? A9: Yes! I go through a lot of pens!!

Q10: Jessie takes martial arts, did you? A10: Yes! I have two Black Belts!

Q11: Jessie plays a lot of sports, were you an athlete? A11: Yes! I played Ice Hockey for many years!

Q12: Jessie has two cats, how many do you have? A12: I have four adorable kitties!

Q13: Is Ethan's estate real? Does it exist? A13: Yes, it's where I used to live in Southern Ontario.

Q14: Is Ethan a real person? A14: Sadly, no. His good looks are based on a young version of Jude law.

Q15: Jessie has an older brother, do you? A15: I have a younger brother who is a paramedic.

Q16: Jessie's parents are a caterer & professor, are yours? A16: No, Mom is a psychologist, Dad is a doctor.

Q17: Jessie has a boyfriend, Ethan, do you? A17: Sadly, no. If you see someone like him, send him my way!

Q18: Jessie likes dark chocolate, do you? A18: Yes! I love organic, free trade dark chocolate!

Q19: On Jessie's birthday, no one showed up, did that really happen? A19: Yes! When I was 12!

Q20: Best Valentine's Day date? A20: I've never had one!

Q21: Favorite moment in Sway? A21: When Ethan spells out "I LOVE YOU" on the Scrabble board.

Q22: Who designed the covers for Sway & Compass? A22: I did! They feature my photographs!

Q23: The kids on the bus are mean to Jessie, did that really happen? A23: Yes! They were awful!

Q24: What's Jessie's favorite flower? A24: Sunflowers! Just like me!

Q25: Jessie loves wearing bright colours, do you? A25: Yes! I adore pink, purple and green!

Q26: Jessie loves Smallville, what's your favorite TV show? A26: Fringe, Warehouse 13, Sanctuary, Merlin

Q27: Jessie loves stars & bluebirds, why? A27: They signify hope and good luck.

Q28: Jessie's family knows sign language, does yours? A28: Some do ASL, others do ESL, it's not pretty.

Q29: Jessie & Ethan like to play Scrabble, what's your favorite game? A29: Clue!

Q30: Jessie loves the beach, can she wearing hearing aids in the water? A30: No, they're not waterproof.

Q31: Does Jessie wear hearing aids when she plays sports? A31: Yes! She can't hear anything without them!

Q32: Jessie is a teen in your books, how old are you? A32: Old enough to be Jessie's Mom! ;)

Got any more questions? Want to do an interview? Drop a note via Twitter or contact us by email! We would love to hear from you!

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