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Hearing loss challenge

Posted by jennifer gibson on Tuesday, July 14, 2015, In : 2015 

Jude Law photographed by singer Bryan Adams for Hear the World.

I recently posted a hearing loss challenge on Facebook by encouraging people to wear ear plugs for a day and one of my friends tried it out.

She said that by doing this, it really opened her eyes about having a disability and gave her a deeper appreciation of what she has now.

Go visit her website and read about her adventure.

Thank y...
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Powerful words

Posted by jennifer gibson on Tuesday, September 25, 2012,
Gah! I've been tagged by a chain letter! I just hope it doesn't turn into a nightmare with dark, looming scenes of giant cursive words and letters chasing me through a misty graveyard as if I'm stuck in a horrendous world from Alice in Wonderland.  *shudders*

All kidding aside, I found this particular chain letter intriguing - it's an exercise that requires me to search for the first word "look" in my current novel, Compass, which is in the official editing stages.  BTW, I actually have four e...
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