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Holiday fun

Posted by jennifer gibson on Monday, November 14, 2016, In : November 2016 

Now that Christmas is just around the corner and people are starting to put up their holiday lights, there have been a series of delightful commercials that are simply adorable. Some of they feature incredibly realistic CGI of animals and the overall story is as sweet as candy canes - definitely worth watching and sharing! They will melt your heart...go on and take a peek.

This brand new video is being featured on the JohnLewis website featuring Buster the Boxer who loves to jump.

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Guest Blogger

Posted by jennifer gibson on Saturday, November 3, 2012,
Hi Everyone! 

Well, winter is definitely upon us as I gaze outside and see the fluffy white snow falling from the grey sky.  Guess that means I should get out there and rake those leaves...

In the meantime, while I'm busy doing chores, go take a look at this guest post I did for Kim Scott.  I'm thrilled to have been asked to contribute to her Blog!


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