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Interview by Christoph

Posted by jennifer gibson on Friday, December 5, 2014,

I was recently interviewed by the lovely and talented author Christoph Fischer. Go visit his wonderful blog featuring our lively discussion at:

If you have ever wondered who I would cast in a movie from my novel Sway, definitely take a peek at my answers ;)

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The Vampire Diaries

Posted by jennifer gibson on Saturday, August 16, 2014,

Okay. So I've gotten hooked onto a new series recently.  I just happened to be browsing for some cool stuff on Netflix that was closed captioned and stumbled upon The Vampire Diaries. Now, I was initially wary of this series thinking that it was like True Blood or Twilight. Boy, was I wrong. It totally sucked me in from the beginning. Yes, that was a deliberate pun.

What did it? Aside from the supremely good looking and talented cast, the storyline about two brothers and the cheeky one-liners...

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