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Posted by jennifer gibson on Friday, January 13, 2012
If you ever want a glimpse into my life as a teen, Billy Idol speaks volumes in terms of what my attitude towards life was like at that time.  He's a good reflection of me...ironically.  Keep in mind that the book version of me (Jessie) is nowhere near like this - I have a much darker soul.

Yes, sometimes I was out of control as a young adult, in many ways I was very wild and moody.  Having a hearing loss compounded on that, making it much harder and much worse to deal with.  You are probably going "Oh, pshaw! Every teenager goes through this."  Not so much, no.  When you have a disability like a hearing loss, those intense feelings of isolation, confusion, and insecurity go through the roof.  It's times like those that makes it very difficult to reach out for help.  It's hard enough being a teenager, having a hearing loss is so much worse because that's a very social time in our life, a pivotal moment in time. 

Whenever I feel insecure or want to go back to my teen years, all I have to do is listen to Billy Idol.  He was such a great example of what the 1980's were like for me.  Aside from the usual teen pop stars, outrageous hair bands, teen movies like St. Elmo's Fire, Ferris Bueller, and Back to the Future, it was a crazy, crazy time.  Neon was huge, the more layers of clothes and patterns, the better! Wild and out of control was our motto then. 

When I'm writing my book, I often find that it helps to listen to music, particularly the soundtrack to Twilight, Coldplay, Michael Buble and Billy Idol.  Some of my fave songs are: Buble - Sway, Fly Away, I've Got you Under my Skin,  Coldplay - Paradise, Clocks & Viva La Vida, Billy Idol - Cradle of Love, Catch My Fall, Eyes without a Face, Flesh for Fantasy, Scream, To be a Lover, Sweet 16.

Love those songs! They get me dancing in the seat of my chair and my feet tap out their beat onto the floor as I type.

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