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I was recently informed about several nifty gadgets for people with disabilities and knew that I had to share it. Since there is still a sense of stigma surrounding physical disabilities, there are companies out there that are acutely aware of this and coming up with great products that allow us to be more at ease with using mobility aids. They are making great strides in producing innovative products that enable people with any type of disability to live their life as comfortably as possible.

One superb example is a cool handlebar that allows the caregiver to walk side-by-side with the person in a wheelchair so that can talk to each other easily as they go for strolls.

Link featuring this product:

Another sweet gadget is the tactile bracelet called the Aria for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people that enables them to interact with their surroundings, particularly at home, by feeling the notifications on their wrist as opposed to hearing them. This was designed to alert the wearer when alarm clocks, baby monitors, and smoke alarms are activated by motion on the inside of the bracelet.


One intriguing product that really caught my mother's eye since she has arthritis, it's the SIRIS splints by the Silver Ring Splint Company. Not only are the sleek silver splints lightweight, they are beautifully designed which resembles jewelry. Instead of having to wear ugly plastic or neoprene wrist or thumb splints that hospitals routinely give out to their patients, they now have a choice of wearing these simple yet supremely lovely custom-designed splints. It's a truly remarkable achievement that is not only incredibly functional, it's also fashionable.

We were very excited to discover this creative line and will definitely be ordering some of their exquisite products soon! We highly recommend visiting their page at:

List of their products:

There are a lot more fabulous and useful devices suitable for so many people, definitely take a gander at the Pinterest page showcasing these wonderful ideas and products:

Everyday there are new items that are designed to help people with disabilities that continually surprise us and that's a good thing! We are thrilled to see so more and more companies coming up with innovative ideas to help people with disabilities be more inclusive and a part of the society.

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