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The world is changing and our generation is witnessing this incredible shift. There seems to be a greater sense of awareness as a whole everywhere you look, bringing communities together in the true spirit of friendship and family. Events in the last few weeks have proven that on many levels, from friendly competition and banter between countries (US/Canada/UK) due to the Invictus Games as well as the forest fires in Fort McMurray (Alberta, Canada) where over 80,000 people were suddenly evacuated.

The raging fires in Fort McMurray dominated the headlines with shocking videos of the evacuees being forced to drive past roaring flames that reached several stories high above them with sizzling red hot embers in the air that landed on their cars and across the streets. The scene was surreal as they drove through the apocalyptic landscape in a calm and orderly fashion on the only highway that led them out of that city. It was heart-wrenching to watch this devastating event as many of these people had only minutes to spare to gather their family and escape, leaving their beloved pets behind.

(Video of their escape through the fire:

(Videos of Fort McMurray fire:

As the evacuees made their way to shelters in other communities, strangers willingly offered free food, gas, clothes and money. Every effort was made to help them get through this senseless tragedy. Firefighters continued to battle the raging fires for several weeks which covered over 522,892 hectares (almost 90 per cent the size of Prince Edward Island). Over 2,000 firefighters from Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick pitched in to combat the fires in Alberta. The fire was so hot that the rim on the tires melted on the cars abandoned in the streets. The estimated damage in terms of insurance losses could exceed $9-billion. Fundraising through Red Cross reached $80-million in 10 days which has been the largest in Canadian history.

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Firefighters in Alberta fought hard to save the communities, many of them whom lost their own homes to the blaze. The fire spread rapidly out of control due to the perfect conditions of hot and dry weather. Scores of land disappeared, houses and cars were burnt down to skeletal remains. Many organizations pitched in to help including airlines allowing people to bring their pets with them, filling the seats and aisles with their furry family members. Supplies and pet crates, continue to be shipped to the evacuees, including free clothes graciously donated from Hatley. Rescue groups are making an effort to find animals left behind and reunite them with their owners. Everywhere you look in the media, people are opening their hearts and offering to help in anyway they can. It's a community united all across Canada.

Also in the spotlight in Canada was the arrival of Prince Harry to launch the Invictus Games, an international paralympics-style event for members of the armed forces and wounded warriors. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined him in Toronto at the sledge hockey game to help promote this event. Prince Harry's easy going nature and jocularity has encouraged good natured ribbing between Canada, the US and UK through social media, namely Twitter, with short videos of President Obama, the Queen and Justin Trudeau all challenging each other in a hilarious Tweet war. Never before has there been such a greater sense of unification on a global scale. This is a truly spectacular era that we're witnessing here, where we are all coming together and joining hands in harmony to create a better relationship around the world.

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