Welcome to my newest feature! Everyone loves to visit book stores and browse the aisles with a hot cup of coffee in their hands. It's such a cozy atmostphere that makes you feel right at home. That's exactly what this page is about.  This is a place where you can learn more about the authors and their books right from the comfort of your own home.

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Please welcome Tierney James

Posted by jennifer gibson on Monday, March 9, 2015, In : March2015 

Please give a warm welcome to my fellow author, Tierney James who stopped by for a quick chat about her upcoming release, “The Rescued Heart”.

You have written four books, two of them in the children’s category, "Zombie Meatloaf" and "There’s a Superhero in the Library" What inspired you to write these two stories?

Thanks for having me. I don’t usually write children’s books but "There’s a Superhero in the Library" came as a result of my friend being diagnosed with breast cancer s...
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Multi-talented Erika Szabo

Posted by jennifer gibson on Monday, March 2, 2015,

Thank so much for joining our conversation with Erika Szabo today who is a multi-talented woman!

Erika, you obviously have a remarkable passion and penchant for writing, how many books have you written so far?

So far my epic fantasy series, The Ancestor’s Secrets, and a true story of orphaned fox pups growing up in our backyard are published. I have a few Alternative Healing books as well, which I offer for free on my website.

It’s evident that you love animals, especially through your Rea...

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