Welcome to my newest feature! Everyone loves to visit book stores and browse the aisles with a hot cup of coffee in their hands. It's such a cozy atmostphere that makes you feel right at home. That's exactly what this page is about.  This is a place where you can learn more about the authors and their books right from the comfort of your own home.

Meet Tierney James, author of Black Mamba!

October 29, 2018

Hi folks! Today I’m featuring a super sweet and talented author, Tierney James. Upon visiting her website, I was immediately greeted with the catchy slogan “Lipstick & Danger” which is a cheeky hint at her sense of humour. It’s evident that she has a passion for living life to the fullest and encourages her readers to do the same.

She is supremely multi-talented, not only is she an author, she also worked at NASA as a Solar System Ambassador and a Geo-teacher for National Geographic! Tierney loves to travel and has gone on adventures throughout Africa, Asia and Europe, and some of those locations have ended up in her stories.

Her newest release, Black Mamba, includes a continuation of the character who is part villain and part hero from the Enigma series.

Tierney, what made you decide to continue with this particular character in the series?  

Life has problems so to avoid them in my work would just be boring. When we don’t have to go through the danger ourselves, living through someone else makes the story exciting. We have all met someone one we wanted to trust but something inside us screamed to be careful.

Where does Black Mamba take place?

The story takes place in Botswana, African. Since I’ve been there I felt I could bring some real life experience to the tale.

What did you discover in your research for this novel?

More than I wanted to know about the snake black mambas! Those babies are super scary.

Where will your next book take place?


What inspires you to write?

A story. A song. A picture. A news article.

Who are some of your favourite authors?

James Rollins, Brad Thor, Vince Flynn, Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown, Daniel Silva to mention a few.

Where would you like to go next on your travels?

Israel. Vatican City. Istanbul. Tibet. Jordon (Petra). Iceland. Greenland. Isle of Skye. Russia. 

You can pre-order your copy of Tierney's newest book today for a great price at 0.99! Here's the book link:

More novels by Tierney: Dark Side of Morning, Dance of the Devil's Trill, An Unlikely Hero, Winds of Deception, Rooftop Angels, Kifaru, and The Rescued Heart. 

Chatting with S.J. Francis

July 20, 2017


Hi folks! Today, I’m sipping a hot cup of Tim Horton’s coffee on a rainy day and chatting with S.J. Francis, author of Shattered Lies.

Time seems to slow down as you read Shattered Lies, you could almost feel the intense Mississippi heat and southern charm. Her words flow effortlessly across the page, pulling you deeper into gripping tale that is full of hidden secrets. The pages come to life, revealing the dark truth about the past. This book is beautifully writte...

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Interview with Jessie

July 14, 2017

Author Jennifer Gibson, interviews her main character, Jessie from her book series. 

Author - Hi Jessie! I’m so glad you could join us today!

Jessie - Thank you! It’s nice to be here, especially on a such a beautiful summer day. It has been a very cold and rainy season lately, so this is a real treat.

A - What are your plans for this summer?

J - I’m helping out at the dojo, teaching karate to the students. We are starting a new summer camp program this year, where we are having more classes...

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Carolyn Arnold's adventures

May 10, 2016

Joining us today is an International best-selling author, Carolyn Arnold. She has written a diverse collection of thirty books!

You possess an amazing talent and dare I say, determination, for writing so many books! How did you get interested in becoming an author?

My passion for writing was sparked when I was a teenager. I would vent my emotions into poems and then it became romance novellas. I even took it upon myself to write into Harlequin for their submission guid...

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Creating Heroes with Marc Sumerak

April 4, 2016

Please give a warm welcome to Marc Sumerak, an Eisner and Harvey Award nominated writer!
He has written over 500 publications and continues to produce outstanding stories.

You have a successful career as a comic book writer, is this what you envisioned doing when you were growing up?

I was always a storyteller as a kid, and I loved reading comics and creating my own stories. Once I realized that making comics was an actual profession, I did everything in my power to make sure I was on the righ...
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Sipping wine with Tonya

March 2, 2016

Please welcome the lovely and talented Tonya Royston, author of the Sunset Trilogy. Her second novel in the series, Silence at Midnight, was just released by Black Opal Books. Congratulations on this success!

You had originally planned to self-publish this series, what compelled you to have it published by Black Opal Books?

I never expected to get a contract from a traditional publisher. I submitted my story to Black Opal Books so that I could say I at least tried. When they gave me a three-bo...
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A candid chat with Gael Hannan

July 30, 2015

I’m thrilled to introduce Gael Hannan, a new author who also happens to be Hard of Hearing, just like me. I’m so glad that you could join us today!

Growing up with a progressive Sensorineural loss without the use of assistive devices such as hearing aids must have been a particularly difficult experience for you. How on earth did you manage to get through school?

My hearing loss was mild when I was a child, steadily progressing—perhaps ‘regressing’ would be a better word—to its cu...
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Chatting with John Hegenberger

July 28, 2015

Today we are chatting with John Hegenberger, a versatile writer who switches from gritty noir to science fiction to down on his luck private detective with ease.  His latest project and upcoming release is the Stan Wade series.

You have an impressive list of published short stories and novels! Not only are you a talented author, you were also in the Navy and a marketing executive for numerous corporations. What made you switch to the field of writing?

Actually, I’ve always been a writer first...
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Say hello to Ronnie Allen!

July 20, 2015

Today we are chatting with author Ronnie Allen who just released a psychological thriller entitled Gemini. 

How does it feel to finally have it out in the world for everyone to read? 

First I'd like to thank you so much Jen for affording me the opportunity to be on your blog. It's wonderful to be exposed to a new audience.

It has been an amazing experience for me. I keep my book on my desk and when I'm working at the computer I stare at it, and wow it's me, it's mine. It's still surreal. It'...

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Please welcome Tierney James

March 9, 2015

Please give a warm welcome to my fellow author, Tierney James who stopped by for a quick chat about her upcoming release, “The Rescued Heart”.

You have written four books, two of them in the children’s category, "Zombie Meatloaf" and "There’s a Superhero in the Library" What inspired you to write these two stories?

Thanks for having me. I don’t usually write children’s books but "There’s a Superhero in the Library" came as a result of my friend being diagnosed with breast cancer s...
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