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Multi-talented Erika Szabo

March 2, 2015

Thank so much for joining our conversation with Erika Szabo today who is a multi-talented woman!

Erika, you obviously have a remarkable passion and penchant for writing, how many books have you written so far?

So far my epic fantasy series, The Ancestor’s Secrets, and a true story of orphaned fox pups growing up in our backyard are published. I have a few Alternative Healing books as well, which I offer for free on my website.

It’s evident that you love animals, especially through your Read for Animals series and newest release, Twenty-Eight Tiny Paws, what inspired you to write these books?

I was thinking about how to help animals in shelters and in animal hospices other than donating money I could afford. What can I do as a writer to help animals in need? I had an idea. I'm a writer; I can write, sell the book and donate the money - after publishing fees - to animal shelters. I started putting together the short stories I have written the past few years and asked my animal lover author, poet and artist friends if they'd like to participate in my Read for Animals project. The response was overwhelming, the stories and poems started flooding in and together we made this book possible to help our furry, scaly and feathered friends.

Do you donate any proceeds from your stories to help animals? Is there a particular charity or shelter that you like and recommend to others?

The Read for Animals project donates 100% of the royalty from the book sales, and we made two $100 donations so far. But unfortunately, after the initial promotion by the participating authors and friends, the sales drastically dropped.

The next donation will go to an animal hospice. I know the owner, Bruce, of the Hospice personally; his dedication is admirable to make the last days of abandoned, sick and old animals as comfortable and happy as he possibly could.

For more information about these projects or make a donation, please visit these links:

Your series, The Ancestor’s Secrets, focuses on paranormal fantasy, how did you come up with the idea for this unique novel? Is this geared towards young adults?

The Ancestor’s Secrets is an epic fantasy, heroic romance series with magical powers, ancient legends, love triangle and time travel that is a great read for fantasy lovers and also suitable for young adults. I practice Healing Touch and Ilona’s ability to heal with her hand comes from that. I’ve been working in the medical field all my life, mostly in the trauma unit and emergency room, thus Ilona and Zoltan became emergency room doctors and a few scenes play out in a busy ER. I made her a Hun, because my ancestor’s history is very fascinating and had been distorted in so many ways that I wanted to incorporate Hun legends and bits of historical facts into the story. I love to let my imagination fly away with me, therefore I made the series into a fantasy story with magical abilities that allow the characters visit the past and the ancestors. Of course they face dander, discover secrets and save the lives of their loved ones and the future of the Huns in the process.

You have a very interesting name, where is your family from?

I was born and raised in Hungary. Szabo is my husband’s name, it means Taylor in English.

Did your cultural background and family history have any influence on your stories?

Yes, definitely. Honoring the past, respecting and preserving life comes from my background. My mother and grandmother taught me to use Natural Medicine and my love for animals and reading comes from my father.

Not only do you write several different series, you also manage to find the time to help promote other authors and that’s a remarkable achievement! What made you decide to do this?

I’m a quick learner and multi-tasker, and I see how hard it is to promote books. I love helping people, and I did free promotion for author friends for years, but now I charge a small fee because I expanded the promotion sites and it became very time consuming.

What kind of promotional services do you provide for authors?

I offer author & book branding on several sites, as well as shout out on social sites. Also, I started using my computer wizard ability to format eBooks and prints, keyword optimization and Epub editing as well as my artistic talent to do book interior beautification, and my logical side to provide manuscript critique. 

Of all of the books that you have written, which one strikes a very personal chord with you?

Actually, all of them. History in The Ancestor’s Secrets, my love for animals in the Twenty-Eight Paws, and my beliefs in using natural remedies in my health books.

You also have a PhD in Alternative Medicine, what prompted you to consider sharing your knowledge for the Herbal Remedies series?

I offer my health books for free, because I was thinking that if a few people who cannot afford to buy books downloads them and it helps to improve their health, it makes me happier than making a few dollars from selling the books. 

You learned the art of healing from your mother and grandmother, do you have any special memories of them?

I have many fond memories. As a child, I didn’t notice that they were teaching me. Grandma took me to the field and forest to watch birds and butterflies, but while she was collecting herbs, she explained to me what they’re used for. Mom told me when she was cooking, “See? I put more parsley in the chicken soup, because dad’s blood pressure is getting higher than it should be.” Or, “Eat your walnuts honey. See? They look like small brains and they make you smart.”

On the topic of natural healing, can you tell us which crystal resonates with you?

The indigo colored stones such as azurite, because I have a tendency to develop tension headache, migraine, visual defects, glaucoma, cataracts, sinus problems, ear problems.

Are there any crystals that you recommend for writers?

I wear my seven chakra bracelet all the time, which balances my body, also I meditate holding my azurite crystal.

Healing crystals link - 

What is the one advice that you wished someone told you when you began writing and publishing your books?

I better learn from trial and error than from any instruction, the ready-made advice doesn’t really work for me. The learning, discovering and growing as a person in the process gives me the most satisfaction.

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Protected by the Falcon -  

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Twenty-Eight Tiny Paws -

Read for Animals series:

Erika’s books:

Protected By The Falcon:

Ilona is a doctor and is ruled by logic, yet when she starts to develop unusual powers, her beliefs change and she’s thrown into a world of mysteries, traditions and secrets. Nursery rhymes taught by her mother lead her to discover her clan’s past, which still exist with its fiercely enforced laws. A dangerous dark man stalks Ilona who is unexpectedly rescued by a handsome stranger, Zoltan. As their relationship grows, her feelings for best friend, Bela, starts to fade. When her life and the future of her people become threatened, she must gather all her courage and use her inherited powers to fight back. Infused with Hungarian legend, the twisting plot keeps the reader turning the pages of this extraordinary fantasy story. The Ancestors’ Secret series is an epic fantasy, heroic romance series with magical powers, ancient legends, love triangle and time travel that is a great read for fantasy lovers and also suitable for young adults. 

Chosen By The Sword:

In book one, Protected By The Falcon, Ilona is thrust from her easy and steady life and forced to face the unknown, which prompts her to discover the ancient tribal secrets. The rules of her ancient Hun clan that still exist with strict laws suffocate her, but she is resourceful and daring. She discovers secrets and obtains unimaginable powers to protect her sister, who bears the next leader of the clan. If she does not succeed, the fate of her people is at stake. She must sort through her own feelings about the men in her life. Will she choose Bela, her best friend, or the handsome and noble Zoltan? From the time when her people were nomads, the castles of the 14th century to the present, travel through time with Ilona as she struggles to overcome the obstacles placed in her path by ruthless individuals who want to inflict their rule on the Hun clan.

Twenty-Eight Tiny Paws

We found seven orphaned fox pups in our backyard. Watching these magnificent animals growing up, playing, learning and fighting for leadership was a wonderful experience. They demonstrated their wild instincts as well as their love and compassion for one another. They will always be in our memories and in our hearts. For one delightful summer, we had our very own baby foxes.

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